Synesthesia test

Here you can find a set of tests that let you know if you have synesthesia or not. If you think that you could have this mental condition, ask your doctor in order to do more deep and specific tests.

Chromesthesia test

This is a very simple test of synestesia. First of all, close your eyes and listen a song. Wait for a couple of minutes and ask yourself if you can see colors when you hear some notes. If this is happening to you, you might have Chromesthesia.

Synesthesia test chromesthesia

Grapheme-color synesthete test 1

Another synestesia test consist in print the alphabet in a piece of paper.
Make sure that you printed it in black and white.
Take a look at it and if you see the letters in colors, you are a Grapheme-color synesthete.

Synesthesia test grapheme-color for letters

Grapheme-color synesthete test 2

Check the image on the right, if you are able to detect the numbers "2" in less than 15 seconds probably is because your brain asociate each number to a color and it's extremely quick for you to detect them. Grapheme-color synesthete can see that picture as the green-red.

Synesthesia test grapheme-color for numbers

Lexical-gustatory synesthesia test

Think in words with the "X", "aye" or "M" sound. What do you feel when you think in them?
Do you feel the taste of an egg, bacon or a mint flavor in your mouth? If the answer is positive, you may have Lexical-gustatory synesthesia.

Synesthesia test lexical-gustatory

Ordinal linguistic personification test

What is the first that appear to your mind when you think in the letter "K"?
Is the shape of a women quite and responsible?
What about the number "9"?
Is a dark man with great charm?
If you asociate some of those characters to some letter o number you might have Ordinal linguistic personification.

Synesthesia test ordinal linguistic personification

Number form synesthesia test

Are you good in maths?
Can you think in the Fibonacci sequence without any effort and follow the sequence to the infinite? Perhaps you can see patterns of numbers in reverse order? If that's the case probably you have Number form synesthesia.

Synesthesia test number form synesthesia

Time-space synesthesia test

In this synesthesia test you have to think in holidays. You may start thinking how to prepare a whole month of activities or plan a multi-city journey. Are you able to see a mental calendar with the dates or months around you?
If that's the case you may have Time-space synesthesia.

Synesthesia test time-space

Test "Booba / Kiki"

Take a look at the image below. Which of the two figure would you call "Booba"?

Synesthesia test Booba/kiki

Most of the people (98%) chose "kiki" for the orange figure and booba for the other. This is because the brain associated the sound K to sharp forms and the sound B to forms more smooth.